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Baptist History

Greer Baptist Camp Meeting

This Camp Meeting is a rock, an island, of stability in an unsettled, sinful world. It has not changed at all in these 50 years. Think of that the next time you pick up a magazine or see recently made Disney movies or shows on television. Camp Meeting is a blessed refuge from the world for sinners and for God's people. Why has this meeting not changed? Because truth is here, as revealed in the Bible. Jesus said "I am the way, the truth, and the life". And because His people have been a people of the Book, you see New Testament Christianity here exactly as it was when first proclaimed to a world as burdened by sin and turmoil as our day now is.  Read more?

Personal Recollections Of Dr. Harold B. Sightler's Early Ministry And The Heritage Of Tabernacle Baptist Church

These comments are set down to provide background detail to the history of the founding of Tabernacle Baptist Church and its continuance in the way of old time religion. My Dad became pastor of Mauldin and Pelham Baptist churches in 1943. I remember Mauldin as a typical country Baptist church with a white frame clapboard building.  Read more?

The Separate Baptist Revival and Its Influence in the South

The Separate Baptists took their origin in Connecticut. Valentine Wightman was a grandson of Edward Wightman, the last man burned at the stake in England in 1612. Valentine Wightman was born in 1681 and raised in Rhode Island. He was saved and became a member of the North Kingstown Baptist Church. In 1705 he moved to Groton Connecticut and founded the first Baptist church in that state. He pastored there for 42 years and was succeeded by his son, Timothy Wightman. In 1743 Valentine Wightman and his church began a mission church at North Stonington Connecticut. Waitt Palmer was the first pastor.It was just at this time that the Great Awakening had come to prominence.   Read more?

Baptists and the Second Amendment

In the article on Separate Baptists we spoke of the First Amendment. But the Second Amendment requires some discussion as well. It is just as important as the First. There is a great deal of argument about the Second Amendment in general and about the phrase “well regulated militia” in particular. Does this phrase mean drill and training of the men of the militia, or might it mean a militia which is under strict constitutional control by law?   Read more?

The Foundation of the Declaration of Independence

For the Declaration of Independence the Bible, not the philosophy of John Locke or Thomas Jefferson, can be seen as the source of the words life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In the Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1774 the words were life, liberty, and property. The Bible also shows the nature of these three great ideas and that they are necessarily related to each other.   Read more?

Notes to my students in Baptist History at Tabernacle Baptist College, 1990-2005

A few things need to be said to illustrate the extent and importance of the movement for separation from the Roman Church. The Novatian churches were mainly in Italy and Asia Minor, and the Donatist churches mainly in North Africa and Italy. The Novatians began when Novatian in 251 A.D. was rejected as pastor of the church at Rome, because he insisted on church purity and rebaptism of those who had lapsed from the faith under persecution of the Roman emperors, who required that they be worshipped as a god.  Read more?

The Great Eastatoe Revival of 1950

There is a small mountain valley and community known as Eastatoe, SC very near the intersection of Highway 178 to Rosman, NC and Highway 11 in South Carolina. This community had for years had to deal with bootlegging and other problems. Then in 1950 a country preacher, Uncle Billy Holcombe, who could not read when he was saved, learned to read after praying for that ability. He longed for revival in Eastatoe and in his farming began to plow a row and pray, plow and pray, until he announced a revival which began in late May of 1950. There was a great revival at the Eastatoe Baptist Church which lasted 2-3 weeks.
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