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Horace Jones Sings For The Bright Spot Hour

Music CD Index:

1. Dr. Harold B. Sightler’s Introduction to the old LP album
2. Dr. James H. Sightler’s comments on this new CD
3. Then One Day I Met My Savior
4. There’s No One Like Jesus To Me
5. After
6. Jesus Is All You Need
7. Think On Thy Way
8. Crimson Calvary Answers No
9. Sometime
10. Some Golden Daybreak
11. When He Smiles On Me, prayer by Horace, Precious Lord Take My Hand
12. Beyond the Sunset, duet with Miss Minnie Brewer
13. Good Night and Good Morning, duet with Miss Minnie Brewer
14. I’m Going Higher Some Day
15. Home Sweet Home
16. Blessed Redeemer
17. No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus
18. Why Should He Love Me So
19. Then Jesus Came, prayer by Horace
Horace Jones

When the Bright Spot Hour began in 1943 local programs over WMRC and WESC were live. But to put programs on stations in distant places it was necessary to record and send them out by mail. The recordings were done live, often at the time of the daily local program. Magnetic tape had not come into use, and so the recordings were put onto acetate discs. These were aluminum, 16 inches in diameter, coated with an acetate polymer plastic. The rotated at 33 1/3 RPM, but the tone arm moved from the inside of the disc to the outside. They were made in the radio station control room while the preacher and singers were in a studio with a single RCA microphone. Only one “take” of the entire 15 minute broadcast could be done. Small mistakes had to be accepted. When the discs were mailed and used in other radio stations wear and damage in handling were inevitable and resulted in surface noise.

Horace Jones was saved in 1938. He was a remarkable singer and deacon at Pelham Baptist Church when my Dad became pastor in 1943. He attended shape note singing schools at Pelham but was largely self taught and greatly talented. He was wholly dedicated to serving the Lord and sang at Pelham Baptist Church, on the radio, and traveled with my Dad to many revivals. He had been heard on the Bright Spot Hour on XERF in Del Rio, Texas and reached a national audience. He was very well known and loved. Tragically he developed stomach cancer in 1948 an went home to be with the Lord on February 3, 1950, only 34 years old. 10,000 people attended his funeral.

In 1973 Dr. Harold B. Sightler took the best preserved of the acetate discs which remained from 1943 to 1949 and selected 6 songs to put on a master tape from which a 33 1/3 RPM album was made. On the reverse side it had a sermon preached by my Dad on Mt. Calvary. In 1973 microcomputers capable of sophisticated music editing were still 30 years in the future. So my Dad had to be content to take the best songs he had left from the old discs and put them onto the LP album. The records sold out, but the master tape was kept.

Daddy went home to be with the Lord in 1995 and my dear mother in 2001. Soon after we found 5 more old acetate discs in a drawer of her secretary. Because of heavy use and age the quality of sound was not as good as on those used in 1973. After we found these discs my nephew, Dr. Ben Carper, director of the Bright Spot Hour, transferred everything on them, live programs of prayers, sermons, and songs to CD. We also found a single 78 RPM recording made by Horace in May, 1949 in Columbia, SC on the FOX label. On it were the songs Some Golden Daybreak and Sometime which had not been on the 1973 album.
Beginning in February 2005 Sightler Publications had the old master tape and the 78 RPM record digitally remastered and put onto CD. With the latest and best computers and programs enough surface noise was removed from the acetate discs to make 12 more songs and 2 of Horace Jones’ prayers usable. We have put these 18 songs on a CD in a form that is enjoyable and uplifting. We decided to accept some surface noise in the last 12 songs for good reasons. The first is the spiritual quality of the music. Then there is our respect for the memory of Daddy and Horace Jones and Misses Minnie Brewer and Nadine Brookshire, whom we loved so much and who set such a great and lasting example for us by their dedication to the Lord’s work. Furthermore we wish to seek and bear witness to the old paths, and the good way, of gospel music in the early days of the Bright Spot Hour., the paths wherein its staff always walked. We believe that these wonderful old songs will be a handful on purpose, and a renewed blessing. As Daddy said so beautifully in 1973, “a blessing to yout heart, and to your heart, and to yours.”James H. Sightler M.D., July 9, 2005

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