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A Testimony Founded For Ever: The King James Bible Defended in Faith and History

The Testimony New 2nd edition, important additions to the original 11 chapters plus three new chapters
Chapter 12, The Babylonian Woe”, shows the strong influence of catholicism on textual criticism.
Chapter 13, “Westcott’s Disciple”, shows that Hindu philosophy strongly influenced Westcott and the Anglican Church through William Marshall Teape

Chapter 14,“Diminish Not A Word”, illustrates Westcott’s lasting influence on text criticism, how “the one” appeared in modern translations, how putting the KJB into “modern” English diminishes its force, how Patrick Henry and Lincoln used the KJB, the influence of Hebrew on English brought about by the KJB.
  • Dedicated to his late father, Dr. Harold B. Sightler.
  • His father’s opposition to Codex B traced to 1943.
  • 12 years of independent research by the author.
  • Comprehensive history of origin of modern versions.
  • Early text criticism in America examined.
  • Westcott’s mysticism and spritualistism analyzed.
  • Prime minister Gladstone’s political influence.
  • Gladstone’s method of financing revision shown.
  • Roman Catholic contributions to revision shown.
  • Opposition to revision in Parliament discovered.
  • New information not found in any other book.

Foreword by Dr. G. A. Riplinger: “Those who attempt to corrupt God’s Holy Scripture have never been exposed to closer scrutiny than in Dr. James H. Sightler’s book, A Testimony Founded For Ever: The King James Bible Defended In Faith And History.

It is perhaps the most original and exhaustively researched book in the last one hundred years, exposing the history of the infamous men and movements which continue in today’s weakened NIV positive churches. The Lord has ‘filled with the spirit of wisdom’(Ex: 28:3), the author who is both a bible college history professor, and board certified pediatrician. His approach has set a new standard for writers of history, with more details and documentation in one sentence than past writers include in one page. His book carries the reader on a fascinating journey-seen, not through the distant telescope of the generalist, but by way of the microscopic details of the scientist.

This book is not the typical recounting of the work of others, but an original investigation, using primary sources, which unearths discoveries giving a view never seen before. It should bring a shuddering and shaking to those seminaries which use the corrupt Greek text of Nestle-Aland and the United Bible Societies. He documents in detail the germs of Greek philosophy, Alexandrian mysticism, and Hinduism which infect the Vatican manuscript and cankered the mind of B. F. Westcott, the progenitor of the new, corrupt Greek text.

This will be a most eye opening book for those who have wondered why the NIV omits 64,000 words and gives syncretistic readings like ‘God, who created all things’ instead of the KJV’s accurate Received Text reading, ‘God, who created all things by Jesus Christ.’(Eph. 3:9) The facts the book brings forth prove once again that the Authorized Version, the beloved King James Bible, is indeed the promised pure and preserved word of God for that one third of the world’s population, some two billion people, who speak English. Generations to come will savor this classic.”

Red cover, blue border, gold lettering, 14 chapters, 380 pages, 205 sources cited, 574 footnotes, detailed 14 page index:

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A Testimony Founded For Ever: The King James Bible Defended in Faith and History

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