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Lessons from a Mother Hen

About seven years ago I had the privilege of knowing a "mother hen". I've been called a mother hen, but I soon found out I did not deserve the honor of that title. This little lady had a God-given instinct that made her far exceed my mothering ability. I watched her in awe day after day
learning how to improve my skills. Her name was Heather and she was a Buff Orpington hen of about 2 or 3 years ...   
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Spring Clean Your Heart [Part 1]

Spring is around the corner, and along with spring comes cleaning. In the past (especially in colder climates), wood or coal burning stoves, fireplaces, and even the tracking of the house from melting, slushy snows necessitated a good spring cleaning. Even the animals shed their winter hair getting clean and ready for spring. So what about us? ... Read more?

Spring Clean Your Heart [Part 2]

Spring cleaning! Sometimes we do not want to think about getting started. We are content to leave everything as is knowing there are problems underneath. "Don't lift that rug, shake those curtains, or open that drawer and maybe I can ignore that need." Oh, my! How amazed we are at what we find once we get started! However, once we have begun, what a great feeling to see the result! What a lighter, cleaner feeling it is! Last time we began the spring cleaning with our own hearts, and what a wonderful feeling it is to have a closer walk with the Lord!  Read more?

My Daddy

Whenever Daddy signs his name, he always writes M.D., so everyone will know, that he belongs to me. Read more?

Dear Child

I thrust the stars from my fingertips, and they hang perfectly in their place. With these hands I sculpted mountains and with these fingers I carved out valleys and rivers. With this voice I brought into existence everything that now is, and with great care I formed man from the dust of the earth and made him in my image. But it was not alone the stars that I created with such love and care. It was not the mountains, rivers, and valleys that I loved more than any other. It was for you that I was despised, rejected and wounded; for I have loved you ... Read more?

Merry Christmas

It was Christmas Eve. Our family had finished their traditional Christmas’ Eve dinner. Grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins had all been there with smiles, hugs, and all the Christmas warmth they could give. Christmas wasn’t the same this year for Grandpa Sparks was at home with the Lord. We missed him, but we were encouraged by the thought we would see him again one day ... Read more?


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