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Spring Clean Your Heart - Part 2

Spring cleaning! Sometimes we do not want to think about getting started. We are content to leave everything as is knowing there are problems underneath. "Don't lift that rug, shake those curtains, or open that drawer and maybe I can ignore that need." Oh, my! How amazed we are at what we find once we get started! However, once we have begun, what a great feeling to see the result! What a lighter, cleaner feeling it is! Last time we began the spring cleaning with our own hearts, and what a wonderful feeling it is to have a closer walk with the Lord!

Often our biggest excuse for not starting is, "I don't have time right now!" Little by little we can work at the task without having a full day or a week to get the job done. A little at a time gets the job done faster than doing nothing. Take the moments you have and do what you can with that time, which leads me to part two of spring cleaning our home.

Psalm 127:1, "Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it." We need a good relationship with him when building our home; but we also need a good relationship with those in our home to build it properly. Let me put it this way. Are our lives too cluttered with housekeeping that we don't have time for homemaking?

My mother often quoted to me when my children were small, "Your children will not remember with tenderness how clean you kept your house and how well you kept the wash done; but they will reminisce on the time you spent with them." She also lived this example before me. There were times the dishes were done later in the evening so she could devote that time to our need or simply enjoying fellowship with us. She was clean and tidy as you can be with five children in the house, but it did not always have to be perfect. To this day, after Christmas dinner she says,

"Let's open presents. We'll do these dishes later." We fellowship until late, and then work together to get the dishes done. That says to me that spending time with her kids and grand kids means more to her than having everything in perfect order. We will always remember and cherish that time spent with her and Daddy.

Have your kids begged you to play a game with them lately? Have they asked you to come outside with them? "Read me a story, Mommy." What was your response? Maybe they don't ask. Are we sensitive enough to pay attention to their need or to the moments that are fleeting by? If we are waiting for a free day or week to spend with them, they will be grown and gone. Little by little, each and every day, take time to enjoy those precious kids. In so doing you will make memories to cherish, and maybe even win their hearts. Proverbs 23:26.

What about your husband? Do you have time for him? Don't take him for granted. Cherish the moments. You are not promised fifty or sixty years together. The more years go by the more precious that time together is too! Proverbs5:18&19. Make some memories! Build your home! Simplify your life! De-clutter and make room for those that make up your home.

Abby Sightler Logan 4-2-15

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